We are proud to combine René Quinton's tradition with modern science to offer you the very best Active Ionic Ocean Minerals!

The history of genuine French marine plasma in America is linked directly to that of Myriam Biss, Professional Homeopath, President of Quinton America (now Actimar Inc.) and Consultant for Biocean Science & Nutrition our sister company. An immigrant from France, Myriam Biss arrived in Canada more than 40 years ago. She first introduced genuine marine plasma from France to the USA and Canada in the late 1980’s. She extensively used it in her own clinic with impressive results and created The Marine Therapy®.

Ocean Thérapie, the last French laboratory producing genuine marine plasma, unfortunately, stopped production in 1996, which is when Myriam Biss created Quinton America (now Actimar Inc.). In collaboration with her engineer partner, and following three years of intensive research, Quinton America (now Actimar Inc.) commences production of Pure Marine Plasma® to heightened quality standards. Our Pure Marine Plasma® is a combination of the work of therapeutic seawater pioneers, clinical know-how, engineering, modern science and pharmaceutical GMP.

Biocean® Isotonic 0.9 economy bottle. Tripe cold microfiltration

Actimar Inc., bringing you the healing power of the Ocean and the Plant World since 1989 

1987-1989: Myriam Biss, Professional Homeopath, launches her clinic and is the first to offer in America, genuine marine plasma from France. Marine plasma becomes the foundation of all treatments recommended for the next 30 years.

Myriam Biss assiduously compiles empirical data relating to her treatments and develops The Marine Therapy®. Marine plasma is the perfect agent to restore the bioterrain and the results are impressive.

2000: Determined to offer an optimum product, Myriam Biss starts on the road to producing, Pure Marine Plasma®, the only true therapeutic seawater that combines the principles of visionary René Quinton with modern science and technology. Combining her clinical expertise with her partner’s technical knowledge, they create, in 2000, 9134-3954 Québec Inc, formerly known as Quinton America.

2011: Biocean Science & Nutrition, Actimar Inc. sister company is launched in 2011 to better serve the US and European professional market looking for the very best in Marine Therapy.

Emphasis is put on developing unique health products combining premium Omega 3’s with therapeutic plants, minerals, and vitamins.

International customers and US neighbours please visit our sister company Biocean Science & Nutrition at www.shopbiocean.com

2017: After nearly 30 years of passion, dedication and after becoming the leader in the production of Pure Marine Plasma®, it is time for Mrs and Mr Biss to gradually make room for succession.

Animated by the same passion and specialized in Pharmaceutical Production and Quality Assurance, Marc Biss, President of Actimar Inc., is proud to continue his parent’s mission and to acquire 9134-3954 Québec Inc., formerly known as Quinton America.

Emphasis is put on developing unique health products combining the therapeutic virtues of marine minerals, electrolytes and trace elements with adaptogenic and liver protective plants.

Worldwide leader in the specialized field of cold microfiltered Pure Marine Plasma®

Every day we supply our global customers with both products and educational resources to experience first-hand the wonders of The Marine Therapy® as developed by Myriam Biss.

We are a dedicated, family owned business, with worldwide activity and headquarters both in Canada and in France.

We pride ourselves to manufacture under the strictest GMP:

• Pure Marine Plasma® in ampoules and bottles
• Sterile bag-on-valve seawater nasal sprays
• Marisyl Hepa 4®, a unique synergy of seawater and concentrated plants extracts
• Premium Omega 3’s enriched with plants extracts, vitamins and minerals