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Welcome to your #1 source of active Ionic Ocean Minerals!  

European GMP Manufacturing, Canadian Ethics, we provide you with Pure Marine Plasma® from the Origins of Life.

Actimar Inc. is dedicated to the GMP pharmaceutical production of Triple Cold Microfiltered Pure Marine Plasma®.

Having developed unique proprietary knowledge over the last 3 decades, Actimar Inc. with its sister company Biocean Science & Nutrition are the only 2 companies able to offer, both in ampoules and in 1L pharmaceutical glass bottles, Pure Marine Plasma®, micro-filtered a minimum of 3 times, entirely free from bacteria while conserving a perfect mineral electrolyte and trace element balance in harmony with the human organism and exhibiting all therapeutic qualities that made it famous in the early 1900's.

The principles of the visionary *René Quinton, today’s science and our absolute quality: PURE MARINE PLASMA®

* French visionary, marine treatment pioneer and author of the book: '' L'eau de mer milieu organique''.